Somehow, I always think that in the last hour before a paper is due I’ll get this crazy adrenaline rush and be able to finish it time. And yet more often than not, I am exhausted from cramming it all in at the last minute, aand I turn in my assignment late because I would rather take the late deduction than not turn in a quality paper. 

I’m ridiculous.

Why didn’t I write this four days ago? 

Ugh. It’s so frustrating when you think that you’re finally getting a grip on this whole discipline/managing time well/excellence vs perfectionism thing. Then without fail, midway through the semester, something trips you up and the cycle of procrastination and paralyzing stress overwhelms you again. 

I can’t do this, this time. I don’t have time to be immature or disorganized. Too much is at stake now. 

Father, help me manage my time well. Every second I surrender to You. Have Your way in my life. Guide my conversations, and order my steps. I trust that You know what is best for my every moment, and I ask that You be in the middle of it all speaking life, truth, peace, and love. In Jesus’ name I pray. 

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